Janez Jansa, Slovenia’s Paranoid Marshal Tweeto

 Janez Jansa, Slovenia’s Paranoid Marshal Tweeto

He communicates measures to contain the Covid-19 crisis on Twitter. His argument, that Twitter is a suitable platform to get information out quickly, is not altogether convincing, as Jansa has blocked many others on Twitter, usually those who try to confront him about the consequences of his actions.

He labels politicians and other public figures who poke their noses in his tweets as attackers who threaten him, and routinely calls out to party lawyer for help, again on Twitter, requesting them to file lawsuits.

Why does Jansa communicate in this manner? He posts his tweets against a backdrop of aggression, fear, and feeling powerless and threatened, all of which have characterized him since long in the past.

He clearly considers himself superior to other people. The diction of incompetence among other politicians is subject to the assumption that he himself is the most competent. And his supporters believe this.

The cult of personality of the leader is in this case shown to his supporters in the form of a saviour, responsive to all their desires, fears and frustrations. At the same time, Jansa tries constantly to reduce his own frustrations by pointing to, in his view, the malignant parts of society, which he blames for his own failure.

Jansa’s tweets have worked especially well during the Covid-19 crisis, a phenomenon unclear to people, that people are afraid of.

The slogan with which he tries to pin his own responsibility onto others is that “people are dying”. Because this needs to be prevented in any way possible, the goal justifies the means. Blame is passed on to others, yet when the situation improves a little, Jansa declares victory over the virus on Twitter.

Therefore, his tweets provide a certain part of the population with a simple explanation, a safe and predictable life managed by the invisible forces of the deep state which, if exposed for who they are and what they do, would solve many problems.

This logic, according to which Jansa must always be the winner, while all others are losers, is a fundamental postulate in his method of leadership. Most of his tweets follow the same rhetoric.

Jansa’s understanding of politics is similar to Trump’s. He claims to be a great democrat, but wants only the votes that he receives to be counted in elections. He has naturally accepted, without hesitation, the claim that the Democrats wanted to steal the US election.

He never stopped to question why would anyone want to steal the election. His assumption is that people are perverted and want to destroy him. He himself is capable of defeating Covid-19, but is being hindered by the opposition and the media; he could turn Slovenia into a second Switzerland, but the forces of the deep state don’t allow him to. In other words, what Jansa sees in others is nothing but himself – Janez Jansa.

Dr Alem Maksuti is a political scientist based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of BIRN.  

Alem Maksuti

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