Avatar robot goes to school for German boy with severe

BERLIN, Jan 14 – Joshua Martinangeli, 7, is too ill to go to school. But the German student can still interact with his teacher and classmates through an avatar robot that sits in class in his place and sends a blinking signal when he has something to say. “The children talk to him, laugh with […]Read More

Nasdaq falls for fourth straight day as Netflix plunges 22%

Wall Street’s main indexes fell on Friday, with the Nasdaq set for its fourth straight day of declines after a weak forecast from Netflix sent its shares along with other streaming companies spiraling lower. Netflix plunged 21.6% after missing market forecast for new subscribers at the end of last year and a downbeat outlook for early 2022. Other technology […]Read More

Wells Fargo profits soar thanks to increase in loans, cost-cutting

Wells Fargo on Friday beat analysts’ estimates for fourth-quarter profit as a rebound in US economic growth encouraged more customers to take loans and the bank kept a tight lid on costs. Profit jumped 86% to $5.8 billion, or $1.38 per share, flattered by a $943 million gain from the sale of the bank’s corporate trust […]Read More

Cathay Pacific to suspend transit travellers from high-risk areas

Cathay Pacific to suspend transit travellers from high-risk areas published : 13 Jan 2022 at 18:30 A woman walks past empty counters of Cathay Pacific at Hong Kong International Airport, following infections of Covid-19 in Hong Kong on Tuesday (Photo: Reuters) HONG KONG: Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd said on Thursday that transfer and transit services […]Read More

Mexican teen develops app to help deaf sister communicate

Estrella Salazar, a 17-year-old science whiz from a working-class town near Mexico City, was inspired by her sister to develop an app to help deaf and hard-of-hearing Mexicans communicate more easily. Salazar’s older sister, Perla, was born with a rare disorder that affects mobility and hearing, called MERRF syndrome. The 25-year-old has undergone close to […]Read More

Researchers in Japan use ostrich cells to make glowing COVID-19

TOKYO, Dec 10 – Japanese researchers have developed masks that use ostrich antibodies to detect COVID-19 by glowing under ultraviolet light. The discovery by Yasuhiro Tsukamoto and his team at Kyoto Prefectural University in western Japan could provide for low-cost testing of the virus at home, they said in a press release. The scientists started […]Read More

QAnon received earlier boost from Russian accounts on Twitter, archives

Russian government-backed social media accounts nurtured the QAnon conspiracy theory in its infancy, earlier than previously reported, according to interviews with current and former Twitter executives and archives of tweets from suspended accounts. Researchers said in August that the archives showed Russian accounts had helped spread QAnon in volume beginning in December 2017,, but […]Read More

Canadian city using AI to predict who might become homeless

TORONTO – As makeshift tent cities spring up across Canada to house rough sleepers who fear using shelters due to COVID-19, one city is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to predict which residents risk becoming homeless. Computer programmers working for the city of London, Ontario, 170km southwest of the provincial capital Toronto, say the new system […]Read More

Facebook launches climate science info center amid fake news criticism

BRUSSELS/SAN FRANCISCO – Facebook on Tuesday launched a climate science information center to elevate credible sources on climate change, as critics question its role in the spread of misinformation on the issue. Facebook said the project is modeled on its COVID-19 Information Center and launched a similar feature last month on voting in preparation for […]Read More

Hong Kong walking tour company moves online to survive pandemic

HONG KONG – A Hong Kong tourism company has moved its walking tours online to reach a travel-starved audience unable to explore new places due to coronavirus restrictions. The company, Walk in Hong Kong, runs free online tours in Cantonese focussed on local history and culture, with help from government subsidies and private donations. While […]Read More